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Mellow Pet Care Services

都市人生活忙碌,Mellow 特設上門照顧寵物服務(貓貓或狗狗皆可)。不論你是出門旅遊,或是工作繁忙,你都可以放心主子會得到最好的照顧。

Urban life is busy, so Mellow offers a special in-home pet care service (for both cats and dogs). Whether you're travelling or have a busy work schedule, you can trust that your furry friend will receive the best care possible.

起居照顧 Daily Necessity

  • 換水換糧 Feeding

  • 清沙盤 Clean up litter box

  • ​基本身體清潔 Basic body cleaning

每天報告 Daily Report

  • 生活拍照 Take photos every day

  • ​報告胃口便便情況 Report on appetite and poo

活動照顧 Activities

  • 陪玩 Play with your pet(s)

  • ​外出散步 (只限狗狗) Walk your dog(s)

Mellow's staff members have years of experience in pet care, and our designated carers hold pet grooming certificates, pet first aid certificates, and dog trainer certificates, making our services safe, professional, and reliable.

Please fill out the form below to contact us and obtain a quote.

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